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Prem Rawat Short Biography

There are literally thousands of web pages that refer in some way to Prem Rawat. Most are created by his paid hirelings and while they contain many true facts about his post-1990 public activities give a censored and false picture of Rawat's life and career.

This web site gives readers the only short, concise, factual, accurate and comprehensive biographical account of Prem Rawat available on the internet. You will find this site very different because every controversial fact, criticism, denigration, gibe, insult and slur is referenced to publicly available reputable books, academic papers, newspaper and magazine articles and official records of Rawat's activities, speeches, pronouncements and Proclamations to World Leaders in newsletters, newspapers, magazines, audio tapes, films, videos, CDs and DVDs published by his organisations.

LINKS To Prem Rawat aka Maharaji aka Guru Maharaj Ji Biographical Pages

  • Birth & Incarnation The Early Years in Northern India; Maharaji's Lineage; Maharaji's Incarnation
  • 1971-2 The Lord of the Universe - Maharaji's Arrival in the West: England and America
  • 1973 The Millenial Messiah, 1000 Years of Peace, It was the Best of Times
  • 1974 Down To Earth With A Crash and Lost in the Maya
  • 1975 Public Humiliation: Deposed & Disinherited By His Mother, It was the Worst of Times
  • 1976 Guru Maharaj Ji the "Humanitarian Leader" - It's Always Darkest Before the Dawn
  • 1977-83 The Lord of the Dance – the Super Devotional Period, Rich in Indian Trappings
  • 1983 - 89 A New Beginning and A Shorter Name – Devotees' Distress To Rejoicing

Internet Sites About Prem Rawat (Maharaji) Cults & NRMs

There are many sites on the internet dedicated to information on New Religious Movements (cults) especially ones where the general consensus is that they are considered damaging to it's adherents. The following links are to sites and their entries on Prem Rawat aka Maharaji aka Guru Maharaj Ji aka Balyogeshwar Param Hans Satgurudev Shri Sant Ji Maharaj aka The Lord of the Universe the Child God of the Satguru Maharaji, the Perfect Spiritual Master, the Light of the World and Perfect Lord of Love, the Prince of Peace and Lord of the Universe and the Perfect Master who is Greater Than God.

  • The Life and Career of Prem Rawat A large collection of Premorabilia, the trove of data on which this short biography is based.
  • Prem Rawat Maharaji Info An intelligent, concise site about Rawatism. The best single source for someone who wants to inform themselves about Rawat.
  • Prem Rawat Critique An excellent site focussing on essays about specific aspects of Rawat's career and propaganda.
  • Mike Finch's website A collection of serious, sober and philosophical discussions about Prem Rawat
  • A poorly sorted, slightly dated but fabulous trove of information about Prem Rawat, dip in and be amazed.
  • Journeys A group of short biographies collected since 1995ish of different people who once were premies.
  • Guru Maharaji Info A collection of scandalous, scurrilous and derogoratory information about Prem Rawat, all of it true.

  • Ex-premie Forum An often lively, heated, sometimes boring ongoing discussion about Rawat and his cult.

Prem Rawat: And He Is Divine – Index To Biography- 1957-89 - the First Thirty Years …