Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji – Biography 4 - 1974 - Down To Earth With A Crash and Lost in the Maya …

Prem Rawat Short Biography Prem Rawat Short Biography In early 1974 Rawat gave many speeches to his followers cajoling, imploring and demanding that they meditate and obey him. He claimed it was only through meditation, satsang, service and darshan that they would achieve that bliss and peace he had promised them and that if they didn't meditate they would become like 3 tons of rotten vegetables. DLM administrators had some difficulty keeping him separated from his mother so he could enjoy an affair with his "secretary," an older, taller and far more attractive California woman/airline stewardess/devotee he had noticed. His life was spent playing pinball, watching TV cartoons and sitcoms, playing extraordinarily loud music, collecting and driving expensive fast cars and driving them really fast, messing about with stereos and electronics for hours, eating meat and getting drunk, stoned and spending more than half the donations DLM was getting inside his "Divine Residences."

Prem Rawat Short Biography In March Rawat and his mother attended a Holi festival together in Florida. On April 21st, Raja Rawat, Prem's elder brother married a beautiful German premie Claudia Littman. Ironically their daughter Navi Rawat is now the most famous of the Rawat family as a high profile actress while her uncle, the supposed Lord of the Universe and self pronounced Saviour of Mankind languishes in obscurity. In India Prem's eldest brother who is both a bigtime Godman in Uttarakhand and politician and a member of the National Parliament is more famous than his youngest sibling.

In an interview published in The Divine Times, Divine Light Mission president Bob Mishler and vice president Mike Donner admitted that premies had been exaggerating the effects of the "Knowledge" and hyping it up and were adding a lot of unrelated garbage but that unrealistic, magical thinking was lessening. However, they still promoted a lot of unrealistic ideas about Prem Rawat himself.

Prem Rawat Short Biography On May 20 1974, at age 16, he married his mistress Marolyn Johnson, at the Rockland Community Church, Colorado in a ceremony kept secret from all but his inner circle premies. He generously allowed his new wife and wedding guests to kiss his feet before he drove off in a new Maserati. He needed a court order from Juvenile Court because he was too young to obtain a marriage license in Colorado without parental consent. Judge Morris E. Cole, who presided, commented that the guru "makes quite a bit of money and he seems quite mature."

Prem Rawat Short Biography Marolyn was given the title "Durga Mata Ji" (the name of an Indian goddess) by her new husband and was addressed as "Mum" by the more unsophisticated devotees. The couple appeared on thrones at the Guru Puja festival in July in Amherst, Massachusetts with Rawat dressed in his gaudiest Krishna costume and fake jewellery crown and "Mum" dressed in more demure Indian style clothing. Mata Ji and Bal Bhagwan Ji and Bhole Ji went back to India and were no longer mentioned in DLM publications.

The Active Membership Program (AMP) was set up to provide more donations. Premies who did not live in the ashram were encouraged to participate in AMP by donating 10% of their income to DLM, but not many premies did so. Not even one third of the active premies made the small weekly donations that was all that was required. Rawat wanted more efficient organisation and one of the things he requested was internationalisation. Finances were improving (mainly because of 10 large donations) and the headquarters of the U.S. DLM occupied four stories of a Denver office building.

In November a house and land were bought for $400,000 in Malibu for his primary Divine Residence. The current extravaganza was later built around it and it was demolished. He continued with his usual pastimes, drinking and tasteless often cruel practical jokes:

Prem Rawat Short Biography

"Maharaj Ji had bought a book at a novelty store which to all external appearances was a hardcover called Sex Handbook; but when you opened it, you received an electric shock. He spent several days "souping up" the wiring so that it would give a more powerful shock, and then one day when his brother, Raja Ji, came to visit him at his Malibu estate, he thought he'd try it out. In the car with him Raja Ji had brought several other people, including his wife, Claudia. "Raja Ji! Raja Ji!" Maharaj Ji ran up to the car to greet him with the book in his hand. The others were still in the car as Maharaj Ji said to Raja Ji, with a tone of deep tenderness, "Look what Marilyn has just given me," pressing the book into Raja Ji's hands. "Oh," said Raja Ji with much interest, and then, "Ahhhh!" when he opened the book. Just then Claudia came up. "Oh, Claudia! Look what Marilyn has just given me," he said to Claudia with the same tender tone. "Oh," she said, and then, "Ahhhh!" Each of the next three people arrived and they in turn fell for the trick. Then when there were no more, Maharaj Ji took the book back and walked into the house, satisfied that he had shocked enough people with his Sex Handbook."

Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji – Biography 4 - 1974 - It was the Worst of Times …